Tron Legacy Soundtrack: The Robots Return?


Two guys who haven’t shown their faces for more than a decade probably like to keep unreleased music under wraps. Unfortunately for Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo, their DJ duo Daft Punk has certifiably exploded since a landmark performance at Coachella 2006, and Daftheads are constantly scouring for clues to new material. They might have hit the gold mine today, with a possible leaked track from the Tron Legacy movie due out this December.

Soundtrack snippets leaked in the past were eventually proven to be fakes, so it remains to be seen whether this track is the real deal. It sure sounds like Daft Punk in their Human After All phase, all buzzing synths, ominous rumblings, and even the tiresome piano theme. But really, you’ll need anything you can get your hands on to satiate your Tron appetite after you watch this incredible HD trailer.

After the jump, hear the leaked song. Do you think it’s the real thing?