Trend Watch: Recycled Student Housing


In our continuing obsession with shipping containers-turned-recycled cities, today’s post looks at student housing across college campuses worldwide. No shocker, undergrads — the masters of repurposing something old into something new — are at the forefront of this eco- (and usually wallet-friendly) trend. After the jump, check out our favorite shipping container-dormitories. Suddenly we’re feeling inspired to study abroad…

1. Crou in Le Havre, France

Olgga Architects made a livable, pyramid-like structure out of these 100 recycled shipping containers. Each container makes up one room, and appears to be much more spacious than our jail-cell-sized accommodations were back in college. Plus, we can’t help but fall for the kitsch of the “Evergreen” text and color.

2. Spacebox in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Mart de Jong’s 2004 Spacebox is built up from five composite panels consisting of a fire resistant material, a foam core, and a polyester finish. The Spacebox units are connected horizontally or vertically, and can be designed in any color. Unlike ordinary student housing, which takes funding, negotiations, and months of construction, up to 10 Spaceboxes can be produced per day.

3. Keetwonen in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tempohousing‘s Keetwonen project was created in 2005. Residents may technically be studying in containers, but by no means are the individual rooms bare boned; each room has a bathroom, kitchen, balcony, and even high-speed Internet. The temporary project was originally meant to move on this year, but residents will be happy to know that relocation will not take place until 2016. And upon relocation, yes, the home can go with you.

4. Oslofjordweg Student Housing in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This student housing project — made up of 380 living cabins — sits in what used to be an industrial area. Like Keetwonen, it was only meant to be a temporary fix, but locals have taken to it so well that it may just stay put. Restaurants, bars, a skate park, and MTV headquarters now call this former shipyard hall home.

5. The University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands

And for good measure, we couldn’t help but include this incredibly fun dorm at the University of Twente. Designed by Arons and Gelauff, the 9-story building features a rock climbing wall on the exterior. No word on safety precautions, but we’re willing to bet there are other options if you lose your room key.

According to Science Daily, shipping container housing could also help out with the current crisis in Haiti. Pretty cool, huh?