Video of the Day: Animal Collective Previews New Visual Album


Amid the men in coffins, Franco as Ginsberg, and the Machete bidding war premiering at Sundance Film Festival this week, the indie-band-that-could Animal Collective unveils its new “visual album” ODDSAC with the help of director Danny Perez. Perez is the mind behind trippy music videos like “Summertime Clothes” and “Who Could Win a Rabbit,” also by Animal Collective, and spots for Panda Bear and Black Dice. Click through for the trailer.

And for those unlucky souls not invited to Sundance (ahem), check out two upcoming screenings in cities near you:

March 2, New York at the Visual Arts Theatre (get tickets)

March 17, Chicago at the Music Box Theatre (get tickets)

Follow ODDSAC on Twitter for further updates, and read an interview with the elusive Perez on Artist Advocacy.