The Pains of Being Modern at Heart


You’ve done it! You’ve taken that shoddy rancher with a responsibly small footprint and updated it with double-paned windows, LEED-certified cladding, a sod roof that recycles water runoff, and a tasteful smattering of Eames chairs and DWR Tools for Living. Next stop: page 64-67 of Dwell! But sometimes being profiled in the leading eco-friendly shelter porn publication* (printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink) isn’t enough to cure the homeowner blues. Some of these people look straight up depressed. Others, well, maybe we’re just projecting. That’s where Unhappy Hipsters comes in. Taking unintentionally hilarious images from back issues of Dwell and adding pithy commentary turns the mag’s tagline from “At Home in the Modern World” to “In Hell in the Modern World.” See for yourself after the jump, plus a fill-in-the-caption contest.

A few favorites from the wordsmiths at Unhappy Hipsters:

“Lying on his back, watching the passing clouds, he worried over the Nathaniel Hawthorne lookalike’s role in this grim threesome.” (Dwell, November 2009)

“The octopus was full of judgment.” (Dwell, October 2009)

“It was unclear how her life had become so riddled with obvious metaphors.” (Dwell, July/August 2004)

“Still recovering from broken trust, neither wanted to be the first to try the eggs.” (Dwell, November 2009)


(From Opdahl Remastered, July/August 2007 issue)

*Full disclosure: we subscribe.