Video of the Day: Siskel and Ebert’s Darker Side


Our friends at Urlesque tipped us off to this montage of awkward moments between famed film critic friends Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert that has been cobbled together from outtakes of their TV show. It’s interesting that to this day Siskel and Ebert remain the most identifiable critics out there — apologies to Michael Phillips and A.0. Scott, but your version of At the Movies will never have the same mainstream appeal. We’re also charmed by the moment around 1:30, where Siskel is ribbing Ebert about his McDonald’s apple pie obsession.

Watch the best friends go at each other — with the skill of an old married couple — after the jump.

On a serious side note (and for a bit of perspective), if you missed Ebert’s blog post about losing the ability to eat or drink from earlier this month, check it out now.