Peep a Deleted Scene from Avatar, Plus Avatar 2 News


Yesterday James Cameron’s sci-fi epic Avatar became the top-grossing film of all time. As Entertainment Weekly notes, more North Americans saw Phantom Menace in the theater than have seen Avatar so far, and it currently ranks 26th all-time when you adjust for inflation. But who’s counting, right?

So we’re going to run with the idea that even though there of plenty of people who think this film is just Pocahontas in a different color palette, you’ll be glad to hear that the sequel is already in pre-production (Cameron wants to make it a trilogy). Before you get too excited, remember who we’re dealing with here: “According to the source, some behind the scenes technical crew have signed on for three to five year contracts, just in case it runs long.”

So you’ll just have to satisfy yourselves with some never-before-seen scenes action in the meantime. Luckily our friends at io9 have just posted an image from one of a handful of scenes that were cut from the movie. A pre-Pandora Jake Sully is sprawled out after a bar fight back on Earth — which has become a really dump hole, complete with clean-air breathing masks. He was defending some girl whose date slapped her. Read a bunch of deleted material (including the Na’vi sex scene) here.

They’ve also got some homemade Lego Avatar prototypes. Perhaps these can entertain you for the next 12 or so years.