Dancing About Architecture, and Other Art Mashups in Chelsea


One way to describe the difference between art and architecture is that architecture is an extension of design, which exists to solve a problem. Art, on the other hand, is created out of the ether, a realization of an individual’s imagination. These loose definitions take on new life in the current exhibition at Chelsea’s Hendershot Gallery: combining multimedia artwork (dance, sculpture, photography, painting, and video) as a response to the built environment, “Architecturally…” is a collection of synapses firing between multiple artistic disciplines. We’ve got details on the closing ceremony this weekend, plus images of a massive painted installation on the roof of the gallery.

Molly Dilworth, Painting for Google Earth 547, 2009.

So this weekend, if you’re in search of something arty but you’re not sure what (and if you’ve already peeped Urs Fischer at the New Museum, done yoga under Orozco at MoMA, and stuck an elbow through a Picasso at the Met), avoid the static and go for bombast. Hendershot’s arranged a closing party with all the fixings: site-specific dance performances by Laura Peterson and YelleBLand, music by painter/rocker Malcolm Mooney, and a panel discussion involving artists and architects who are affiliated with everyone from Balmori Associates, MIT, and Ruy Klein Studios to Parsons, Pratt, and the Studio Museum of Harlem.

Alois Kronschlaeger, Sphera, 2008-2009

Graham Parker, Abe North, 2009 and Trialogue, Neighbors, 2009

Hendershot Gallery is located at 547 West 27th Street on the sixth floor. The closing party runs from 4-9 pm on Saturday, January 30. All photos by Marc Lins, courtesy of Hendershot Gallery.