Is the World Ready for a South Park Musical?


Could our favorite foul-mouthed fourth graders be coming to Broadway? Well, we’re not exactly sure yet. What we do know is that that Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Robert Lopez, the composer of Avenue Q, are working on a new musical that will run in August and September at New York Theatre Workshop — the same East Village space that premiered Rent back in 1996.

While we think a staged South Park musical, complete with the Satan worshiping Woodland Critters and a hatred for gingers, is a hilarious idea, we’d also like to see this darkly comedic dream team come up with something new. With a group of guys that have written songs concerning American jingoism, the amount of porn on the Internet, and Helen Keller, we trust that whatever they come up with will be both irreverent and LMAO funny.