Two Diablo Cody Fans Talk United States of Tara


We told you yesterday that a sneak preview of Showtime’s new series United States of Tara was online, and then we scurried off to watch it. Our consensus: Diablo Cody (who you know we love) might be even better when she’s writing for the small screen. The turnaround time is faster, so her slang-ridden dialogue feels fresh. If you read her Entertainment Weekly column, you know that she’s absorbed her fair share of cheesy TV, which helps her avoid pratfalls that can turn a series into 90210-esque sludge. Finally, she’s a former stripper who’s obsessed with the secret weirdness lurking just below the surface of Middle America. Dexter, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under — our favorite cult series prove we heart secret/weird, and what could be more strange than a show about a suburban mom dealing with three other personalities?

After the jump, we discuss our immediate reaction to UTS with another Diablo Cody die hard. If you’ve watched it too, let us know what you think in the comments.

Caroline 4:52 I was afraid I was going to hate it, because the last time I watched Juno I found it kind of grating. Like, the language was too jarring and the twee cuteness was completely gone. But I loved UST.

LizStan 4:53 Yeah, I thought her multiple personalities were just going to be three different versions of Juno aka Diablo, but Toni Collette is in no way a grown up Ellen Page.

Caroline 4:53 No, that would be Janeane Garofalo. When she’s not being weird and blond.

LizStan 4:53 Toni Collette was amazing.

Caroline 4:53 She is – and I feel like she usually gets these crappy parts — even in Little Miss Sunshine. It’s like, she doesn’t get to play anything fun. Muriel’s Wedding excluded.

LizStan 4:54 Or even really challenging…with this she literally has to take on so many complex characters all in one episode

Caroline 4:55 Ha. I love “T”. She actually looks good in her daughter’s skinny jeans.

LizStan 4:55 Haha yeah…and then Buck is just creepy but still really good. Do women with multiple personality disorder really think they’re men like that?

Side note, the daughter’s goth boyfriend? Eww. Maybe he’ll develop more as the series progresses.

Also, Toni completely overshadows John Corbett.

Caroline 4:58 Yes. He’ll always be Aidan to me.

LizStan 4:58 He literally acts the same in every role.

Caroline 4:58 I know. He even did his Aidan “I’ve eaten too much KFC” stomach rub.

The daughter was weirdly Ellen Page to me? Or am I being weird?

LizStan 4:59 Being weird. I mean I do think they are doing the whole brooding teenager thing like Juno — but Juno doing ballet? Can’t see that happening.

I like the son, too.

Caroline 5:02 Is he gay? Or he’s just sensitive and bakes?

LizStan 5:02 Yes! He’s gay!

Caroline 5:02 Oh.

LizStan86 5:03 There was this whole article about how Showtime is bringing some “gay” characters into their series.

Caroline 5:03 Will you watch it?

LizStan86 5:04 It might be a good enough reason for a cable upgrade.

Side note: There was one alter we were not introduced to — looks very Stepford Wife-ish by the promo poster.

Caroline 5:07 I love her as a dude the most.

LizStan 5:08 She’s so good at playing one

Caroline 5:09 Yeah. Who would have known Toni is secretly so butch?

LizStan 5:09 She’d probably have done a better job in Transamerica than the Desperate Housewives lady.

Caroline 5:10 Wasn’t Felicty Huffman nominated for an Oscar?