Video of the Day: Pee-wee Gets an iPad


Pee-wee Herman is experiencing a moment of pop-culture ubiquity. He has a new stage show going on in Los Angeles and Conan O’ Brien used the character’s naivety to deconstruct the entire late-night fiasco, along with some help from Optimus Prime, a hirsute giraffe, and a peacock that had lost its mind. With yesterday’s release of the new Apple iPad, the eternally innocent Pee-wee has made a video introducing the newfangled device to his skeptical friends in Puppetland. With the help of Conky, Magic Screen, and Globey, Pee-wee manages to completely undermine the usefulness of the new device. The short clip includes quick jabs at the double-entendre of the iPad’s name, mention of its inability to run two programs at once, and a well-placed tampon-geography pun. It also hints that Pee-wee’s having an affair with Steve Jobs.

Watch after the jump to see what Pee-Wee settles on as the best use for the iPad.

Pee-wee Gets An iPad! from Pee-wee Herman