The Most Romantic Spots in NYC from TV and Movies


New York, I Love You , which comes out today on DVD and Blu Ray, gives audiences a fresh, diverse, and unabashedly romantic window into the city, seen entirely through the eyes of love — love in all its varieties, from first love, tough love and momentary love, to love remembered, love denied, love yearned for, and love that lasts forever — from a collaboration of young, impassioned filmmakers from around the world.

In celebration of the new release we’ve rounded up some of our favorite romantic spots from NYC-based TV shows and movies (many which feature in the film). Leave us a comment with any locations that we’ve left out.

The Queensboro Bridge – Manhattan

This classic shot of the Queensboro, taken from a little cul-de-sac just south on the Manhattan side, is like a valentine from Woody Allen to his beloved city. While 1979’s Manhattan follows Isaac (Allen), a divorced comedy writer who’s pursuing his best friend’s mistress (Diane Keaton), we’d argue that they play second fiddle to the gorgeous cinematography.

The Metropolitan Opera House – Moonstruck

After they “accidentally” sleep together, Loretta (Cher) meets her fiance’s brother Ronny (Nicholas Cage) for his dream date at the Metropolitan Opera House. Thanks in part to the romantic setting, she ends up spending the night with him again.

Katz’s Deli – When Harry Met Sally

This scene probably taught us more about orgasms than all of our human growth and development classes combined. It might not be the most romantic moment in the movie — you’ll need to fast forward to the end for that — but it’s certainly the most memorable.

The Empire State Building – Sleepless in Seattle This movie’s title might name check a west coast city, but it’s a New York movie at heart. The climatic scene where Meg Ryan’s character finally meets Sam Baldwin references a failed reunion between Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr in An Affair to Remember. Luckily, this fictional meet-up goes more smoothly.

The Columbus Circle Fountain Park – Sex and the City As much as Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) tried to make things work with Aidan (John Corbett), and he tried to forget her affair with Mr. Big, they both realized it was never going to work in this heartbreaking scene in front of the fountain. The fact that they looked so beautiful together made it that much sadder.

The LIRR – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

A pair of former lovers who have had their memories “erased” by Lacuna, Inc., Joel Barish (Jim Carrey) and Clementine Kruczynski (Kate Winslet) strike up their relationship for the second time on a Long Island Rail Road train from Montauk.

The Unisphere in Flushing Meadows Park – Flight of the Conchords

When Bret starts dating his new girlfriend Coco (Sutton Foster), Jemaine always decides to tag along. In this scene Bret serenades Coco with a song about the things he’d like to do to her (“If You’re Into It”); later in the episode, Jemaine accuses Coco of being a Yoko Ono, and Bret briefly quits the band.

The Plaza Hotel – Gossip Girl In a moment that we’d all been waiting for, Chuck (Ed Westwick) finally tells Blair (Leighton Meester) that he loves her too in this scene from Gossip Girl‘s season two finale. The Plaza Hotel has also been featured in romantic films like The Way We Were, The Out of Towners, Crocodile Dundee, and Almost Famous.

Rockefeller Center – 30 Rock

When Jack’s (Alec Baldwin) old high school crush and former “Hey Beantown” castmate Nancy Donovan (Julianne Moore) visits him in New York, he takes her for a picturesque stroll around Rockefeller Center before she heads back to Boston. Lucky for their budding romance, Liz Lemon called Penn Station with a bomb threat…