Harry Potter to Apparate Into the Super Bowl?


Everyone’s favorite magician is set to make an appearance during the Super Bowl this Sunday in an ad promoting spring’s unveiling of Universal Orlando’s The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Unlike the first peek, there’s more here than just CGI-ed concepts; now real people will make you wish you were in their broom-flying shoes.

The preview offers a sweeping overview of the snow-capped Hogsmeade Village, where Ollivander’s wand shop will have physical wands that you can test out with the supervision of “actors-cum-shopkeepers.” There’s even a promising glimpse of a leg-dangling Hungarian Horntail ride that used to be Dueling Dragons, now reincarnated as the Dragon Challenge.

While it doesn’t make an appearance here, the ride technology for the top-secret indoor ride, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, is reportedly utilizing a “robo-arm” system wherein vehicles are mounted on extended robot arms. (Among other things, this allows for a smoother ride.) And, as authenticity is the highest priority for retaining the most die-hard Potterheads, cast members from the movies were enlisted to shoot appearances for the ride.

At more than $310 million, a Harry Potter theme park is by no means a lash-batter but it is surely a smart investment. In case Hedwig gets lost on the way to your mailbox (or you pass out before halftime), check out the Super Bowl ad now below: