Pic of the Day: Why We Must Save Kelly Clarkson


A few years back we worked at a teen magazine where we had the chance to interview Kelly Clarkson twice; this was around the time of her multi-platinum album Breakaway, so it felt like a pretty big deal. While we can’t remember everything that was discussed, one of the conversations definitely circled around her favorite menu items at Chili’s and the other ended with us inadvertently blurting out, “Will you be my best friend?” She’s always been the only American Idol whose music we enjoy. Girl can sing.

So when we saw the cover art for her new single “My Life Would Suck Without You” posted by Maura at Idolator, we wanted to call up our old best friend for a chat. Kelly: It’s not OK to let RCA dress you in that much red and then force you to pose coyly with a heart-shaped lollipop. Just because people thought My December was less commercial than your previous work, that doesn’t mean you need to go all Katy Perry on us — you’re way too old to for sparkles and you’ve been around the block too many times to be jerked around by your label. You’re better than that creepy font.

Get it together before the album drops this spring. And go easier on the Photoshop when you’re working on that cover.