What’s in a Daily Show Gift Bag?


The Rumpus has an interesting piece up by Crazy Like Us author Ethan Watters called 10 Things You Should Know Before Going on The Daily Show. Even if there’s zero likelihood that you’ll ever be one of Jon Stewart’s guests, it’s a quick, entertaining (and awesomely voyeuristic!) read. We were particularly fascinated by the contents of Watters’ gift bag:

-Monopoly Board game. -One huge bottle of Cherry Flavored Vodka — in case you want to go get some high school kids hammered after the show. -One bottle of 1800 Tequila -A package of those Nespresso packets but no machine by which to actually make an espresso -One Daily Show Hat -One Daily Show T-shirt -One gift certificate to get a professional photographic portrait of your pet — in case you are ever traveling through NY with your dog.

We were curious if you get the same level of swag as a guest on The Colbert Report. According to this post on the New York Times City Room Blog, you’ll score bottled water, Altoids, gum, ground coffee, tooth whitener, and vodka. Unless you’re Governor Paterson; he got some body butter, too. Granted, that was written back in 2008, before the economy bottomed out. These days it’s probably whittled down to the essentials — vodka and gum.