Daily Dose Pick: P.S.1 Studio Visit


Spotlighting the work of New York-based artists P.S.1‘s new Studio Visit website provides an interactive, online peek into creative studios throughout the city.

The 459 (and counting) studios featured on the site will be displayed for a minimum of one month each, acting as temporary portals into the practices of emerging artists. The project is community-inspired and supported, with any professional artist in the five boroughs invited to submit photos and video of his or her space.

Submit a New York-based studio for consideration, track the regional map, and peruse a selection of studios.

Tribble and Mancenido: “Hurry Up & Wait is an ongoing collection of images exploring the obscure and anonymous life of America’s trucking culture. Driving for a year in our own tractor-trailer, we focus on the banal repetition and periods of isolation from constant movement on the road.”

Elena Bajo

Margeaux Walter: “The scenarios I stage reveal my love-hate relationship with the very technology that enables me to create my art. I assume the role of each character, by building costumes, donning makeup and wigs, and transforming into a new personality.”

Melissa Murray: “My work aims to procure a heartbreaking realization of just how far we have fallen off the natural path.”

George Schmidt: “Each of these pieces delves into the interplay between images of constructed space, absence, and imagined narrative.”

Sadie Bridger: “On the morning of 9/11, papers floated across the East River from the Twin Towers into my Brooklyn neighborhood. These papers had been touched by human hands, struck by a savage force and then blown to another place. I was unable to discard them either physically or emotionally.”

Sungmi Lee: “The materials I use are in large part translucent, referencing my exploration of the elusive and fading quality of memory.”