Video Of The Day: James Cameron’s Best Work


When James Cameron and ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow were both nominated for best director Oscars, it was a great storyline: former lovers still socially entangled by separate devotions to their craft. Now, some genius has uncovered the video that should be required viewing for anyone remotely interested in this years Oscar race.

Directed by Cameron and starring Bigelow as a Western femme fatale, it’s a long lost music video for Bill Paxton’s ’80s band Martini Ranch (Let’s say that again: Bill Paxton’s ’80s band Martini Ranch). The storyline is a miasma of hilarity, including a leggy leatherette metallurgist, a man playing guitar while being hung by the neck, and a harmonizing mariachi band executing sloppily-choreographed step-kicks and being inexplicably dragged down a dirt road. Male branding. Tarantulas crawling on a man’s face while he reacts with a gaping mouth. Hilarious foley editing of a swishing switchblade. In other words, one of James Cameron’s best works. The music is Wild West meets Culture Club.

Watch the video below. God bless the Internet. God bless the ’80s.