Jen Bekman Hot Shot of the Month: Juliane Eirich


Juliane Eirich‘s photographs are cool and calculated but not detached. She is a photographer who travels: from Munich to Miami, from New York to Hawaii, to Korea and back. Each place she documents feels like home, like the home you left and always return to but never quite feels the same. She is a master of the details that create familiarity among the foreign.

We’re big fans of hers at Jen Bekman and we’re not alone. In 2007, she won the Voigtlander New Talent Award. In 2008, she won the Magenta Emerging Photographers Competition and she was a Hot Shot. Eirich and her fellow Hot Shots will be in contention with the current crop of photographers for representation and solo shows at Jen Bekman. Live in New York?

To see what and who she’s up against, swing by for the Hey, Hot Shot! (volume iv, edition ii) Showcase opening on Friday, January 30th, 2009, from 6 to 8 p.m. at 6 Spring Street. Work will be on view until Saturday, February 14th, 2009. If you happen to be in the neighborhood before the end of the month (and we hope that you are), you’ll be in for a post-x-mas treat!

– Sara Distin

Jen Bekman is a gallery in New York City that exhibits the work of emerging and established artists; Bekman is also the force behind 20X200, a cool project that seeks to make affordable art available to everyone.