There’s No Music Television in MTV’s New Logo


Perhaps taking a note from AOL (nay, Aol.?), MTV is updating their logo for the first time in 30 years in the hopes of appealing to those pesky millennials. Frank Olinsky and his team at Manhattan Design created the original, which gave the network a lot of flexibility: they could play around with the colors/materials of the “M” while maintaining brand identity.

The new logo will feature revolving imagery housed within the iconic design — and drops the “music television” tagline altogether. [Insert joke about the last time you turned on MTV and saw a music video here.]

According to the press release:

It represents a new visually defined MTV, stimulating its past, present and future and embracing it’s diversity. Everything from Jersey Shore, to the VMAs to collaborations with the MoMA. The logo is part of MTV’s re-invention to connect with today’s millennial generation and bring them in as part of the channel.

So what do you think? Does this reboot better reflect the brand’s current identity? Or are they futzing around with something that was sacred?