Photo Essay: K-I-S-S-I-N-G in the Museum


Even if you haven’t wandered up to 5th Avenue at 89th Street recently, chances are you’ve heard whispers of something unusual afoot. That something is courtesy of performance artist Tino Sehgal, whose ephemeral pieces rely on empty space and spectator involvement. One such piece in his current solo show at the Guggenheim, titled “The Kiss,” involves a couple embracing on the floor of the rotunda in a “changing, slow-motion, amorous” entanglement. We at Flavorpill love staging elaborate photo shoots in museums and decided to reinterpret Sehgal’s performance piece in five New York City art institutions: The Metropolitan Museum, New Museum, Rubin Museum, P.S.1, and the Brooklyn Museum. Could we choreograph the same magic?

Play voyeur and peep our exclusive slideshow after the jump.

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Lacking a makeout partner of your own? Fear not; the museum experience can be just as intimate. Another major performace artist, Marina Abramović, has a career retrospective opening at MoMA on March 14 and a DIY inner peace talisman called the Energy Blanket to accompany it. The huggable art (retailing for $460 at the MoMA store) contains “fourteen magnets and a drawing of Abramovic’s body indicating where they ought to go before climbing under it.”

All photos courtesy of Megan Feldman. A special thanks to our friends at The Met, Brooklyn Museum, Rubin Museum of Art, New Museum, and P.S.1 for letting us shoot on premises.