Giveaway: Valentine’s Gifts (and Anecdotes) That Don’t Suck


A couple of weeks ago we presented you with twenty rad presents suitable for giving and receiving on February 14, the day of Saint Valentine. We also pledged three of the aforementioned gifts to readers who could best other commenters in a contest recounting their most awful/funny Valentine’s experiences. We were kind of blown away.

With no further ado, we present the winners.

The winner of one 22′ x 28″ limited-edition (from a set of 65) “Love Me” print by Curtis Kulig, exclusive to Poster Child Prints:

casey 7th Grade – Sent a “Lolligram” to my crush asking her to be my girlfriend and was publicly rejected. In order to make things less awkward, my 60 year old teacher announced to the class that my new glasses made me look sexy. Well, ladies, I’m gay now, so it turns out I didn’t need you anyway.

The winner of one brass handcuff lariat necklace courtesy of jewelry designer Erica Weiner:

Diana Valentine’s Day 2008? I spent it ditching my boyfriend last-minute to interview and then get fondled by Ron Jeremy in his hotel bathroom. His Sharpie’s signature on my breasts washed off long before my shame did. And the interview never got published.

And the finally, the winner of one carved stump ring (plus custom engraving) from Digby & Iona:

Kala In college, my boyfriend of two and a half years gave me a piece of paper with pixie stix taped to it in the shape of a heart with “Your Sweet” written on it. A lame gift, but I should have known then that it wasn’t going to work out… I would never marry a man who didn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

We’ll be emailing winners today to spread the love. And thanks to everyone who submitted cringeworthy stories for our contest; it brought us right back to our formative YM and Seventeen reading years. Here’s to a happy (and uneventful?) February 14.