The White Stripes/Air Force Super Bowl Ad Back Online


In case you missed the Air Force Reserve recruitment ad during the Super Bowl that ripped off the White Stripes’ “Fell in Love With a Girl” (and made them really mad) it’s back online now here. Quick side note: Are we the only ones who think “Cannon” would have been a more fitting track for the Air Force to swipe? Or even “Seven Nation Army”? Maybe those don’t mesh as well with extreme snow boarding visuals.

An excerpt from the statement the Stripes posted on their label’s website:

The White Stripes support this nation’s military, at home and during times when our country needs and depends on them. We simply don’t want to be a cog in the wheel of the current conflict, and hope for a safe and speedy return home for our troops.

It would be nice if they pulled an Arcade Fire, and donated the (inevitable) settlement money to Haiti.

Update: The musician who “composed” the track has apologized. “I’m sorry it sounds the same,” Kem Kraft told the New York Times. “It wasn’t my intention, truly, truly, truly.”