Our 10 Favorite Horror Film Couples


In the last 10 years, only two romantic comedies debuted at number over Valentine’s Day weekend: 2004’s 50 First Dates and 2005’s Hitch. Meanwhile Scream 3 (2000), Hannibal (2001), and Friday the 13th (2009) all opened at number one. We think it’s safe to predict that this weekend The Wolfman will dominate Valentine’s Day in spite of its all-star ensemble cast. At least, we hope it does.

So to celebrate those films that feature blood and gore instead of hugs and kisses, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite horror film couples. Who’d we forget?

1. Peter Joshua & Regina Lampert — Charade

2. Hannibal Lector & Clarice Sterling — The Silence of the Lambs

3. Mike Myers & Laurie Strode — Halloween

4. Cheryl & The Tree — The Evil Dead

5. Oskar & Eli — Let the Right One In

6. Billy Loomis & Sidney Prescott — Scream

7. Seth Brundle & Veronica Quaife — The Fly

8. Steve & Diane Freeling — Poltergeist

9. Norman Bates & His Mother — Psycho

10. Frankenstein & The Bride of Frankenstein — Frankenstein