E.E. Cummings’ Erotic Poetry and Drawings


The Daily Beast just posted a slideshow of poetry and drawings from

by e.e. cummings. The one above is our favorite, in large because we’re having trouble figuring out what kind of funny business the couple is up to. Is the woman lifting her partner in the air as he/she grabs her super pointy breast? Where is the top figure’s head hiding? Is that a belly button? This is seventh grade health class all over again.

Perhaps turning to the text will help us decipher.

iv. What is thy mouth to me? A cup of sorrowful incense, A tree of keen leaves, An eager high ship, A quiver of superb arrows. What is thy breast to me? A flower of new prayer, A poem of firm light, A well of cool birds, A drawn bow trembling. What is thy body to me? A theatre of perfect silence, A chariot of red speed; And O, the dim feet Of white-maned desires!

Nope. We’re still utterly confused. Anyone care to explain?