Who Should Curate All Tomorrow’s Parties New York 2010?


For many music critics All Tomorrow’s Parties is the high-point of the festival season. Most music festivals are designed for teenagers; Barry Hogan’s creation appeals to an audience that is at once more niche and varied — the weirdos, if you will. One of the things that really sets ATP apart from other fests is its guest curators. As Hogan told us last August, “We try to pick people who have an interesting take on pushing bounds. The festival is not dictated by what’s trendy and what’s not, it’s more a case of trying to pick curators with interesting record collections.”

On Friday they’ll be announcing the curator for ATP New York 2010. In anticipation of tomorrow’s news, we asked Flavorpill staffers who they’d like to see curate this year’s festival. Add to our list in the comments.

Animal Collective “They’re the modern revolutionaries of pop. I’d be intrigued to see if some kind of Beach Boys-esque line up would ensue.”

Aziz Ansari “He’s got great indie sensibilities. Didn’t you see his Clell Tickle or Other Music sketches?”

Bonnie Prince Billy “Beards, beards, beards, beards”

The Boredoms “If they can pull off the spectacle of 77 drummers in a circle, think what they could do with an entire festival to curate.”

David Bowie “Because he’s fucking David Bowie.”

Spike Jonze “All he’d have to do is just invite everyone he shot a music video for in the ’90s, and I’d be happy.”

Jamie Liddell “Hopefully he’d get a ton of soul artists and a ton of electro artists and DJs and it would be the biggest, best mashup experiment ever. Also, he’s my mom’s favorite musician and I would get her tickets.”

Ryan McGinley

Yoko Ono “She’s still so divisive as a cultural icon, and I’m imagining she’d throw some really interesting avant-garde acts in the mix.”

Brian Posehn “He’s a huge metalhead and I’m curious to see All Tomorrow’s Parties as metalocalypse. Better yet! Get Metalocalypse to curate!”

Lou Reed “I mean, this is New York, and it is called ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’… and what else is he really doing these days?”

Kanye West “Just kidding! If he curated, he’d be the only one on the bill. Except for maybe Beyonce.”