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Welcome to FLAVORWIRE.com, a new omnibus culture blog from your friends at FLAVORPILL. We’ll be bringing you news and commentary from the front lines of emerging culture and keep you up to date on what’s happening with the classic names you all know. We cover all of the genres you’ll find in our newsletters–books, design, film, music, opera, theatre, television, visual arts and web media–to give you a broad overview of the most exciting developments in and around contemporary culture with a mix of exclusive news, interesting features and smart commentary. We’ll apply the same taste, insight, and critical lens that has established Flavorpill as your go-to source for local cultural info to keep you informed about culture at large.


You’ll hear about our personal obsessions, which include but are not limited to: CHUCK PALAHNIUK’s fascinatingly warped realities, the things that DAMIEN HIRST can convince people to buy, the first season of HEROES, MADONNA’s body, NEIL LABUTE’s relationship with women, the cult of TINA FEY and every WES ANDERSON soundtrack. Naturally, we’ll cover the people everyone’s talking about–from BANKSY to ZAHA HADID to CHARLIE KAUFMAN and introduce you to a few new names you may not have seen before.

And the personalities are only part of the story. Our obsessions aren’t limited to people. We’ll examine cultural fetish objects (LEICAS, MOLESKINES, and all things EAMES), the seemingly unending proliferation of the ROSEWOOD typeface (we somehow resisted the temptation to use it for the post) and we’ll hunt for the elusive under-the-age-of-50 theatergoing demographic and find out what makes them keep coming back.


We can’t catch everything. So if there’s something you think we’re missing, feel free to email us tips and feedback at tips@flavorpill.com. We want to hear from you


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