Play-by-Play of Rihanna’s “Rude Boy”


Looks like Rihanna has scrapped the Illuminati for the Caribbean dancehall in her new video for “Rude Boy,” a playfully raunchy tune that promises “Tonight I’m gonna give it to you harder/ tonight I’m gonna turn your body out.” Yikes! We’ve screencapped Ri-Ri bopping to the single — admittedly not as catchy as, say, “Umbrella” but toe-tapping nonetheless — as she humps a lion, bangs on a drum kit, and rocks a seriously ’80s-themed pompadour.

Rastafarian culture via the Gwen Stefani playbook.

Feeling peckish… for Twizzlers.

This thing looks like that thing, aka MIA’s video for “Boyz” (made three years ago).

Um, sexy Lisa Frank?

An ode to Schoolhouse Rock, we hope.

Ri-Ri would’ve made a great Warhol cowboy, much like the King of Rock himself.

And, for the art buffs, two huge tips-of-the-hat to ’80s painters:

Keith Haring

Jean-Michel Basquiat

What other pop culture references did we miss?

Watch the full video on YouTube.