Possibly-Better-Off Missed Connections [Reader Services]


We here at Flavorpill don’t have time to fix all the lonely hearts out there, but we can point you in the right direction. It turns out the events we list each week are fertile ground for finding someone, and if that doesn’t work, reading a smartypants book or carrying a tote bag from a hit Broadway show can do the trick. After the jump we’ve rounded up our favorite cultural Missed Connections from the past few days in the hopes that you can find — or avoid — the guy who stalked you in the beer line. Bonne chance!

Leaving UCB Theater – m4w – 27 (Chelsea) To the young lady from North Carolina who I said hello to as you were leaving a show at the UCB theater. I complimented your purple knit hat, and you asked me about my accent (or lack there of) and where I was from. You were meeting with your friends and I was heading back in for another show. I just wanted to say, you are amazingly beautiful. You have a beautiful smile and the most wonderful eyes.

If nothing else, at least know that our little conversation made my night. So thank you!


TO THE GORGEOUS REDHEAD WITH THE HAIRSPRAY BAG AND LUGGAGE – m4w (N train from 57th to Queensboro Plaza) You were sitting next to me and your bag bumped into me. You said sorry and had a beautiful smile. Im the tall Asian guy who was too shy to say anything. Kicking myself in the ass for not trying to communicate with you. If there is a god you will see this and respond.

Eyeing you from behind my New Yorker from 59th st to W 4th – m4w (downtown A train) Then you got off. I had a beard and glasses, you were the gorgeous brunette listening to music. Drinks or coffee sometime?

Cake Shop Sat. Night. You wore White jeans and have Red Hair, I think – m4w (Cake Shop. Sat night 11 pm – 12.30) I passed you twice. Once as you were coming down the stairs and I was going up. I paused at the top of the stairs and looked back to find you looking up at me (I think); once when I was coming up and you were on the landing, texting. You are petite (a loathsome word, I know), and have long hair that appeared, in the dim lighting, to be auburn or red. You wore white jeans. You are strikingly beautiful (at least to my eye). I found myself uncharacteristically wishing that you were texting me. This is strange for me, and I have little hope that I will reach you in this way. Do write if you find this and find yourself intrigued.

Spoke briefly at MOMA Saturday – m4w (Midtown West) We spoke briefly at MOMA Saturday. I was with my friend (not my girlfriend) having a good time discussing the exhibition. I should have spoken to you more. You seemed very interesting and knowledgeable.

“slumdog” – m4w (kips bay) Curious to know if pretty women who had a complimentary ticket to “slumdog”, enjoyed the movie. I know it’s a long shot for you to view this, but why not try?

Tiesto New Years Eve – You: Cute Asian Me; Tattoo’d – m4w – 24 (Roseland Ballroom New York City ) You were a really cute asian girl. Obviously =P I was well, tattoo’d up.

I don’t know why I didn’t attempt to dance with you. You made OBVIOUS hints. You starred, got close, etc… I wanted to say something to you, like ask for your name or something. I wasn’t exactly sober, so I became kinda reserved. I kinda just danced by myself all night kinda hoping you would of said something. But I know, it doesn’t work that way. Never does. =) I eventually walked away, got some water, collected my thoughts and you were gone =(

And the thing is, It happened at Armin Van Burren on Halloween to! TWICE! Same person.

So you were a little shorter then me. I’m about 5’11. You were 5’6 – 5’7. Asian. Silky black hair, tied back for most of the night. You had a white sleeveless (fancy) shirt that showed most of your back, and was triangled so the bottom of the shirt pointed and ended right near the top of your jeans. You pretty much had the same style shirt as last time. =P You were dancing with your friend, who was taller then me. She was also a female asian. She had glowsticks, and eventually you did to. It was around 4am when I realized you were here. You both were dancing near the front of the stage off to the left if you were facing tiesto. Same area as last time. I actually almost came to paul van dyk just to see if I could track you down. That’s how much it bothered me. Of course I would of stayed sober just so I didnt have any excuses again. I was not expecting to see you at tiesto and when I did I was completely caught of guard.

I am kinda shy at first, and I’m very blown back by your beauty. So I keep letting it get to me. Maybe there will be a third time and that’ll be when I finally man up and say something. I hope so. =)