Tripping Out Over Wayne Coyne’s Bathroom


Flaming Lips lead singer Wayne Coyne is no shrinking violet: he’s donned fake blood and a furry suit onstage, gone full-frontal in a music video, and slammed the Arcade Fire in Rolling Stone. Now images of Coyne’s self-described “drug damaged, artist[ic]” home — a veritable compound in Oklahoma City designed by Fitzsimmons Architects — are making the internet rounds. The bathroom is especially trippy, with a Gaudí-meets-Jetsons vibe, mirrored tile, and one hell of a hallway. (Sorry, no product shots, Vaseline or other.) A Gizmodo commenter imagines that the space is less psychedelic rock band and more “gay fashionista Bond villain,” but we dig the free-wheelin’ vibe.

In other news, older, established musicians are now spending more on fine art than their drug habits.

[Spotted on Gizmodo, via Design Milk]