AIGA’s Relaunch: Get Lost in the Design Archives


AIGA (or, the American Institute of Graphic Arts) has just relaunched its website in a new, user-friendly format. With 300 collections — including Graphic Explanations, The Humor Show, Push Pin Graphics, A Decade of Sports Graphics, and 50 Books/50 Covers — prepare to be lost among a sea of images. Search tools are provided to filter by year, industry, discipline, location, and format. Or you can browse the archives by color. Select the pea green, and up comes the cover of Tom Wolfe’s

alongside the February 26th, 1979 The New Yorker issue.

Let us know what discoveries you make; find some of our favorites after the jump.

“Inside Out Boy, ” R. Scott Webb, 1992 Collection: A Decade of Entertainment Graphics

New York, March 20, 1978, Jean-Claude Suares, 1978 Collection: Covers

“I used to think an inexpensive dress…” Doyle Dane Bernbach, Inc., 1972 Collection: Fifty Advertisements of the Year (1973)

Bush Poster, Post No Bills, New York, New York, 1994 Collection: Maximum Message/Minimum Means

Mello Yello Can/Bottle/6-Pack, Chajet Design Group, 1979 Collection: Packaging