The 10 Most Pop Culturally Relevant Phones


When photos from the set of Lady Gaga’s highly-anticipated “Telephone” video were released earlier this week, we were impressed. Let it be known that Gaga has officially earned a spot in the pop culture pantheon of famous phones — because of her incredibly creative hairdo.

Check out our list of other famed phones in the canon, in chronological order, after the jump. Who’d we leave out?

The Video Phone from The Jetsons (1962) More than 40 years ahead of video Skype…

The Shoe Phone from Get Smart (1965) This show never missed an opportunity to poke fun at spy gadget conventions, and we think the shoe phone is a classic. Completely impractical, but classic.

The Red Bat Phone from Batman (1966) The fact that Batman had a phone that connected him directly to the Commish was pretty technologically advanced for 1966.

The Zack Morris Phone from Saved By the Bell (1989) Zack is cited as the first TV character to carry a cell phone. We couldn’t find a good screengrab from the show, but luckily Mark-Paul Gosselaar brought it along when he visited Jimmy Fallon last year.

Cher’s Flip Phone from Clueless (1995) In the mid-90s, we coveted everything that Cher had. From her furry pens, to her revolving closet, to her very fancy flip phone. We wanted it all.

Bond’s Multi-Purpose Phone from Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) James Bond can’t have a normal phone. It also has to be a stun gun, a fingerprint analyzer, and a remote entry for his BMW 750iL. Naturally.

The Banana Phone from The Matrix (1999) We love that Neo was given a banana phone on his first day working with Morpheus. It’s also a kid’s song by Raffi.

Derek Zoolander’s Oh-So Tiny (& Fashionable) Phone from Zoolander (2001) Zoolander would be so embarrassed if he knew that small cell phones are now passé.

The Hamburger Phone from Juno (2007) The money quote: “Can you hold on for a second? I’m on my hamburger phone. It’s just like really awkward to talk on.”

The Mallard Phone from Jersey Shore (2009) Although there are many things that Jersey Shore has gifted the world (Snooki, the phrase “GTL” ) the quacking duck phone has to be the best. Buy your own here; bean bag chair and gratuitous tears not included.