Pic of the Day: Eno Henze’s Threads


Berlin-based artist Eno Henze produces digital artwork that seems completely organic — like wild, technicolor hair. Upon completion of each image, his larger-than-life laser prints are applied to a wall and become brightly colored swirls that envelop the room. The computer drawings reflect Henze’s personal philosophy of man and machine collaborating together, instead of working as opposing forces.

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“Practically speaking, I have a preconceived idea of a picture which I then translate and try to describe to the machine,” the artist said of his process. “But sometimes the machine returns something that is beyond what I had conceived before, and beyond what I can make with my bare hands. But I wouldn’t say that I become an agent of the machine. In the end it is only me whose in charge to consider what is good and what is bad… I am a breeder, rearing forms and shapes together with the machine.”

thf, 2007

Der Libertin, 2007

thf 1, 2007

thf 3, 2007

thf 5, 2007

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