Lady Gaga’s UK Monster Ball Ensembles


Last night Lady Gaga kicked off the European leg of her Monster Ball tour in Manchester, England with a show that’s completely new, playing to a crowd 23,000 strong. “We were doing another show in the United States,” the 23-year-old pop star told the BBC. “But I got very bored, so I threw it away.” View the setlist and a selection of her latest ensembles (from the 15 total outfit changes), along with a 40-foot animatronic sea monster, after the jump.

Things to love about Gaga #4,328: Even the BBC adores her. The new service’s report on the Manchester concert includes such gems as: “By their very nature, the garments defied description. But here’s an attempt to encapsulate three of them: Muppet Wonder Woman; Joan Collins Jedi Nun; Jellyfish bride humidity disaster area.

That would be the Joan Collins Jedi Nun.

In an interview with London radio station 95.8 Capital-FM, Gags explained the contraption featured below: “We have this new instrument, ‘Emma.’ She’s a hybrid from all these other instruments, which is quite funny to deal with.”

Beetlejuice did not make an appearance, but he was there in spirit.

“A pounding, staccato ‘Love Game’ was performed inside a New York subway carriage, while Lennon-esque ballad ‘Brown Eyes’ saw Gaga hammering the life out of a steampunk-inspired grand piano.”

ACT 1: City Intro Dance in the Dark Glitter and Grease Just Dance Beautiful, Dirty, Rich Vanity The Fame

ACT 2: Subway LoveGame Boys Boys Boys Money Honey Telephone Brown Eyes Speechless So Happy I Could Die

ACT 3: Forest Monster Teeth Alejandro Pokerface

ACT 4: Monster Ball Paparazzi Bad Romance

The Bride of Frankenstein’s poof somehow attached itself to Gaga’s sleek hairpiece.

We’re also hearing reports of a new song titled “Glitter and Grease.” May we suggest the following sartorial accompaniment?