Lil Wayne Has Eight Root Canals in One Sitting


We’ll admit that when we first heard that Lil Wayne was delaying jail time for dental surgery, we poked some fun. And the we read this: According to TMZ, “Lil Wayne just had one of the gnarliest oral surgeries in the history of dentistry. We’re told it was a marathon session that included a stomach-turning eight root canals at one time.”

The last time reading about someone else’s dentist visit made us want to vomit like this was James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces back in 2003. And that was only a back-to-back root canal (granted, sans anesthetic, with two tennis balls to dull the pain).

Weezy’s fans will be glad to know that “during the eight hour procedure, Wayne had his grill worked on, several tooth implants redone, more implants added and had the few real teeth he had left repaired.”

Enjoy your lunches.