Mon Cheri: An SNL Alum’s Return to Form


Comedian Cheri Oteri hasn’t done much since leaving Saturday Night Live back in 2000. Luckily, she now has a new web series on AMC called Liza Life Coach that’s perfectly-suited to her brand of humor. In it, Oteri plays Liza, an oblivious life counselor to a smattering of direction-less hopefuls and proves that she still retains that idiosyncratic charm and bumbling innocence of the caricatures she was known for on SNL.

As a “trained professional,” Liza doles out advice to those in need: the man who won the lottery but has a moral issue with cashing in; the grief counselor who is too happy for her job; the big shot celebrity who is ashamed of his real vocation as a clown. (Note: You can also submit your own “entertaining” quandaries via video, per review, in exchange for a personalized video response from Liza herself, in character.)

Look for cameos from familiar faces like Lewis Black and Kathleen Madigan in future episodes.

Check out the promo and an episode below, and let us know what you think.