This Is Why Your Parents Are Fat


Just kidding. Sort of. Yesterday Core77 tipped us off to this amazing archive of vintage product design on Flickr, and we’ve been grocery shopping like it’s 1969 ever since. After the jump we’ve hopped into the virtual time machine and rounded up some of our favorite examples of old school junk food, Supermarket Sweep-style. Some of these products you’ll recognize, some are a little more, shall we say, mysterious. Like, did you realize that 7 Eleven used to make its own beer?

Royal Crown Soda Can, 1960s

Safeway Lunch Box Sandwich Spread Ad, 1955

French’s Hamburger Lift, 1950s

Fritos Corn Chips Can, 1967

Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Pizza Mix, 1960s

Lucerne Chocolate Milk Mix, 1960s

7 Eleven Beer Can, 1970s

Kool Aid With Bugs Bunny, 1960s

Pringles Potato Chips Can, 1970

Hawaiian Punch, pre Punchy