Daily Dose Pick: Frontline Online


PBS’ Frontline series pretty much wrote the book on public-affairs documentaries; now you can watch full episodes of the Peabody and Pulitzer award-winning show online, with more opportunities for in-depth investigating and interaction.

Frontline has been exploring the weightiest of topics since 1983. On the series’ website, you can watch 88 entire episodes, covering everything from Mormons to the meth epidemic, Abu Ghraib to the Madoff affair. Go “Behind Taliban Lines,” or learn the secrets credit-card companies don’t want you to know. Look for online extras, too: for the recent “Flying Cheap” show, about Buffalo Flight 3407, you can read responses from the producer and key figures in the story, learn safety info by airport, and join the discussion yourself.

Explore the Frontline site, listen to podcasts, follow the show on Twitter, and check out customized lesson plans for many episodes.

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