Daily Dose Pick: Environmental Graffiti


For nearly three years, Environmental Graffiti has provided fans of the offbeat and environmentalists with an online destination for inspiring, believe-it-or-not content.

Based in the UK, the site provides a range that is nothing short of stupendous, with posts on everything from bamboo architecture and the most psychedelic river on Earth (located in Colombia’s Sierra de la Macarena) to the long history of gunpowder weaponry. Eye-catching photo galleries and videos supplement fascinating lists, such as the 35 greatest works of reverse graffiti and the world’s most terrifying spiral staircases.

Browse the site, submit a news story, sign up for the beta test of EG’s new online app, and follow Environmental Graffiti on Twitter.

“35 Greatest Works of Reverse Graffiti”

“The Elephant World’s Answer to Picasso”

“The Tallest Filing Cabinet on Earth”

“The Mysterious Shadows That Lie Behind Everyday Objects”

“The Most Terrifying Spiral Staircases on Earth”

“The Earliest Gunpowder Weapons in History”

“The Shortest Street on Earth”