Video Premiere: Rogue Wave Mini-Film “You Have Boarded”


You may think you know Rogue Wave inside and out, but nothing will prepare even the most attentive fan for the band’s new album, Permalight (Brushfire), out today. As the album’s title suggests, it’s by far the poppiest, sunniest, most upbeat release of Zach Rogue’s career. This is, perhaps, a counterintuitive choice for a musician who, for over two years, has been working with a numb right hand, the result of a spinal cord injury.

To accompany the album’s release, Rogue Wave has created 30-second mini-films for each track on the record. After the jump, cross the Golden Gate Bridge with the band in the exclusive premiere of the video for “You Have Boarded,” and check out the full set of videos at Brushfire’s YouTube page.