MGMT’s New Congratulations Infomercial


In preparation for their highly-anticipated sophomore release Congratulations, trendsetters MGMT have released a 21-second “informercial” about what comes with the unique packaging of their new album. For just $13 you get a scratch-off cover, a custom metal coin, and a 32-page booklet of photos and lyrics. Sure, the description on the order page could have sufficed, but why settle for bullet points when you can have an ’80s-infused slideshow? Peep the superfluity after the jump and let us know what you think.

Ben Goldwasser told NME back in January that the upcoming release is less about standout singles than their debut: “We’d rather people hear the whole album as an album and see what tracks jump out rather than the ones that get played on the radio — if anything gets played on the radio! There definitely isn’t a ‘Time to Pretend’ or a ‘Kids’ on the album. We’ve been talking about ways to make sure people hear the album as an album in order and not just figure out what are the best three tracks, download those and not listen to the rest of it.”

Congratulations is out April 13th. Are you looking forward to it?