Daily Dose Pick: The Cool 5


In the early ’70s, the pioneering graffiti crew known as the Crazy 5 ruled the Bronx, spreading a genre of art that’s global influence is felt to this day.

In the ’80s, the group’s reach expanded, as it added new members while crushing boxcars in all five boroughs. The renamed Cool 5, or TC-5 to its friends, garnered attention from the art world and respect from generations of new writers. The recent publication Piecebook Reloaded: Rare Graffiti Drawings 1985-2005 and an LA exhibition featuring new work from some of TC-5’s biggest stars reaffirm the crew’s place in art history.

Visit the Cool 5’s official website, check out the LA show, and buy the book




TC-5 COLLABORATIONS: Stop Real Crime by Doc, Kyle, and Beam. Riverside Park, 1985


POKE: Tuff City. Bronx, 2009

DOZE: Omega

DOZE: Lower East Side, 1990s

Piecebook: Reloaded



BOM5, 1990