What If Judd Apatow Directed the Gilligan’s Island Remake?


When we read that Gilligan’s Island, a show that we grew up watching reruns of on TBS, was being adapted for the big screen by Warner Bros., we did not approve. ArtsBeat’s initial stab at casting the pic, along with the news that producers are eyeing Michael Cera to play Gilligan, didn’t help. But then we had a brilliant realization: How much fun could this remake be as a Frat Pack movie? After the jump we cast the fictional, Judd Apatow-directed version. Let us know if you think it could actually work.

Jay Baruchel as Gilligan – After seeing him play both the endearing Steven Karp on Apatow’s short-lived series Undeclared and a trigger-happy Canadian stoner in Knocked Up, we feel confident that Baruchel’s got the necessary comedic range. Plus, they just look so much alike.

Seth Rogen as The Skipper – We’re not sure that Rogen would be willing to regain the weight that he’s lost for The Green Hornet to play this role, but anyone who was a fan of his salty Ken Miller character on Freaks and Geeks knows that he was born to play this part.

Carla Gallo as Ginger – Gallo stole Steven’s virginity as Lizzie Exley on Undeclared and went on to play “Toe-Sucking Girl” in The 40 Year Old Virgin, “Period Blood Girl” in Superbad, and “Gag Me Girl” in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. (Plus have you seen her in Carnivale or Californication? Huzzah.) She’s a natural vamp.

Paul Rudd as The Professor – Rudd has made a career out of playing brooding, hot nerds. Enough said.

Charlyne Yi as Mary Ann – Let’s face it. At times asexual Mary Ann’s naiveté could be a little boring. With Yi playing the part, we think it would be more awkwardly funny than cloying — especially if she channeled her stoner character from Knocked Up.

Russell Brand as Thurston Howell III – A foppish dandy with a snooty accent who loves a stiff drink… why that sounds a lot like the narcissistic English rock star Aldous Snow from Forgetting Sarah Marshall! This one was a no-brainer.

Leslie Mann as Mrs. Howell – Because Apatow casts his lovely wife in everything. Not that we mind. We just hope she plays this more conflicted Laura from Funny People and less shrewish Debbie from Knocked Up.