Access Hollywood: Archie Arnett, the Funniest Baby Ever Born, and Other Hollywood News


Poehler finally a baby mama: Saturday night was certainly lively this weekend, as AMY POEHLER and WILL ARNETT’s first child was born. The actors welcomed ARCHIE ARNETT into the world October 25th, as SETH MEYERS, Poehler’s co-anchor on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE‘s “Weekend Update” announced the birth during the segment. Let’s hope their next kid doesn’t get stuck with the name “Jughead.” [EW]

New Kaufman film hits the screens: SYNECHDOCHE, NEW YORK — CHARLIE KAUFMAN’s directorial debut — opened Friday. After creating phenomenal screenplays for films like BEING JOHN MALKOVICH and ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND it’s easy to see that over six month’s worth of buzz is not unwarranted, but a story that centers on a theater director obsessed with death has left some critics cautioning against the film’s overarching gloom. [LAT]

After the jump, some comforting news for fans of MAD MEN. Mad finale provokes suspense for Season 3: Last night another carefully executed season of Mad Men drew to a close. In a show where a glance or a nod can turn an episode on its head, those final 30 seconds will keep its faithful audience on edge for the next six months, waiting for its return. MATTHEW WEINER, the show’s creator confirmed that the cast has signed for a third season — good news for the public with a quickly growing obsession with the moody drama. [NYT]

From Charlie to Chuck: JOSH SCHWARTZ’s CHUCK is gaining a new cast member, a person and (at first glance) a persona likely familiar to most. After leaving LOST where he played Charlie, DOMINIC MONAGHAN is returning to television to play a British rock star on Schwartz’s show. In fact, Shwartz is the reason Monaghan chose to make his return, saying last week that he’s wanted to work with the director for quite some time. Maybe he loved THE O.C. as much as we did. [EW]

Lee fires talent agent: Earlier last week, director SPIKE LEE fired his agent, WILLIAM MORRIS, and moved to ENDEAVOR after his new film flopped at the box office. MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA, a World War II movie that was totally not on our radar, opened to just $3.5 million — a significant difference from his preceding flick INSIDE HEIST, which ended up grossing $176 million worldwide. [REUTERS]

Hobbit director to play in Bond: Mexican film director GUILLERMO DEL TORO (PAN’S LABYRINTH) will take some time off from directing THE HOBBIT to take on a voice role in the upcoming James Bond film QUANTUM OF SOLACE. Together with director ALFONSO CUARON (CHILDREN OF MEN), del Toro will play a member of a Bolivian army in the movie, which opens in November. [AP]

– Iza Wojciechowska