So Sean Hayes Is Gay: Jack McFarland’s 10 Best Moments


Sarah! Jessica! Parker! Vulture just tipped us off that in April’s issue of The Advocate, Sean Hayes — who played Jack McFarland on Will and Grace from 1998 to 2006 — publicly confirms that he’s gay. Yes, we thought he’d come out at one point, too, but it turns out that he was very skilled at angrily sidestepping the issue (“Why would you go down that path with somebody who’s done so much to contribute to the gay community? That was my beef about it. What more do you want me to do? Do you want me to stand on a float? And then what? It’s never enough.”). This is weird to us, because Jack would have totally stood on a float proudly waving his Cher doll.

While we realize that Sean Hayes does note equal Jack McFarland (and that in real life Will Truman is in fact married with children), that’s not going to stop us from rounding up Jack’s 10 gayest moments on WAG after the jump. Enjoy them and add to our list in the comments, please.

1. Jack Enters the Gay Spelling Bee

2. Jack’s Cher Doll Meets Cher

3. Jack Becomes a Backup Dancer for Jennifer Lopez

4. Will Meets Jack for the First Time

5. A Jack and Jack Duet

6. Jack Enrolls in Nursing School

7. Jack and Will Babysit

8. Jack and Grace Do the “Oops I Did It Again” Dance

9. Jack Tells Off Matt Damon

10. Jack Comes Out to His Mom at Thanksgiving