Video of the Day: “Don’t Fuck With The Bieb”


“Don’t fuck with the Bieb.” This immortal advice comes courtesy of Raaaaaaandy a.k.a Aziz Ansari, who apparently went through a creative scuffle with Justin Bieber during sessions for the Randy/Dave Sitek mixtape. In this video, Randy attacks Bieber for stealing his song “Baby Baby” and chronicles the painful, pistol-waving aftermath of the situation. The short glimpse of the actual Bieber’s videos are stomach-churning, but we’re also treated to hilariously incongruous intimations that he’s a weed fiend. The thought of Justin Bieber bespoiling his squeaky-clean image with a few puffs on the magic dragon seems about as likely as him peeling back his animatronic exoskeleton and revealing himself to be the fourth chipmunk inhabiting a boy-band automaton. Either way, watch the video and see what events are causing Raaaaaaaandy’s mixtape to be delayed for so long.

Raaaaaaaandy Declares War on Justin Bieber from Aziz Ansari