Wolf Hunting with Sarah Palin: Little Billy’s Letters


Kids are unfiltered, and thus, terrifyingly honest. Enter 30-something Bill Geerhart in the ’90s — unemployed, opinionated, and best able to express his snark through writing. Thus began

, a collection of correspondences between some of the most recognizable figures in popular culture and Bill, posing as ten-year-old Billy (chicken scratch, typos, and all). Think political, religious, and educational advice from icons who range from the cast of 90210 to Charles Manson. While some of the responses Billy receives consist only of a signed head shot, others are incredibly sensitive and well thought out. Check out his letter to then Governor Sarah Palin, along with the response he got from her dad, after the jump.

To Governor Sarah Palin:

October 14, 2008 Dear Governor Palin, This is a project for my school. We’re supposed to write to someone public we admire and ask a question. My grampa helped me find your address. He likes the way you wink at him from the T.V. My question is if my family visited Alaska would you take us Wolf hunting from your helicopter? That would be really cool! Could you allso send a picture? Sincerely, Billy

And the response:

Billy – Thank you for your letter to Governor Palin. I’ll get it to her tomorrow. Like your Grandpa, I also like the way Sarah winks. I’m helping her with the mail now as she’s receiving hundreds of letters weekly and her family has to help her keep up. No wolf hunting from helicopters here. The news media thought that up. It is done in Russia, though where pictures came from. Best Regards, Chuck Heath Sarah’s dad

Bill Geerhart’s Little Billy’s Letters goes on sale today from William Morrow.