But Can They Fix the Funky Smell?


The Architect’s Newspaper brings interesting news of a major overhaul of Pier Luigi Nervi’s George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal. We used to commute through there on our way to work in Englewood Cliffs, and the death odor that permeated the tunnel from the main building to the A train platform is permanently burned in our nasal cavity.

“The Port Authority will fund a third of the $150 million budget, with developers P/A Associates and Arcadia Realty Trust responsible for the remainder. The developers have selected Robert Davidson of design/build firm STV as project architect, and the choice would appear to be a significant one: Davidson planned the new transit hub for Ground Zero, and he helped select Santiago Calatrava to build the PATH station there. Calatrava has cited the Nervi bus terminal as a major inspiration for his design.”

Interesting. Smells like Nervi’s original structure might be hard to recognize by the time they’re done with it.