The Flavorpill Mixtape XVII: MGMT, Passion Pit, Neon Indian


Since next week is considered Spring Break by some and SXSW Week by others, this mix is fully stocked with airport jams, roadtrip jams, and for once you’ve reached your destination, chill jams. So to avoid silent awkward car rides or loud obnoxious passengers, don’t forget to right click + Save As — or save yourself some time and download the entire Flavorpill Mixtape here.

1. Neon Indian – “Sleep Paralysist

Following his psychedelicious debut last year, Alan Palomo continues his electronic journey through retro synths, mellow bittersweet vocals, and a terminally chill ending.

2. Jamaica – “I Think I Like U 2

Like a well-thought-out reply to Donora’s “I Think I Like You,” the French duo mixes an epic chord progression with an infectious chorus into a head-bopping disease. All with the blessing of Justice.

3. OK Go – “This Too Shall Pass (Passion Pit Remix)

This isn’t really a remix as much as it is a complete Michael Angelakos reworking, with Passion Pit’s trademark falsetto croon, R & B drumbeat down, and post-ecstasy synths.

4. Cults – “Go Outside

With nothing more than a xylophone, grooving guitar, and nostalgia-filled harmonies, Cults makes you want to open a window or two (in the car, on the way to the beach).

5. Wolf Gang – “Back to Back

The return of Wolf Gang brings a shift between octaves in their xx-esque verses and pre-Congratulations MGMT choruses that may eventually lead you to the summery music video.

6. Kamp! – “Breaking A Ghost’s Heart

These relatively unknown Polish electropoppers craft a lightly electronic beginning that segues into an all-out guitar solo and repeating machinist lick for a solid four minute dance session.

7. Blank Spaces – “Magic

Like a dusty vinyl you found hiding in your father’s record collection, “Magic” has a timeless feel; bass-driven vocals and ambiguous lyrics will resonate with your pop sensibilities of the now.

8. Feathers– “Falling Asleep

With a beginning that sounds like a muffled “Steal My Sunshine,” Feathers continues this bouncy ‘90s indie pop in the vein of The Magnetic Fields if teenagers were fronting.

9. Cloud Nothings – “Morgan

This lo-fi gem from Ohioan one-man show, Dylan Baldi, is a perfect blend of the coastline haziness of Toro Y Moi and the raw energy of Dinosaur Jr.

10. MGMT – “Congratulations

The arguably better of the two leaked songs from MGMT’s upcoming sophomore album has an uncharacteristically laidback vibe that secures the band from being pigeonholed as a meme. Yes, we were indeed saving the best for last.