Possibly-Better-Off Missed Connections [Reader Services]


With Valentine’s Day a month away, there’s never been a better time to enjoy our favorite guilty pleasure since Gossip GirlCultural Missed Connections. Have no one to cuddle with? According to this week’s findings, your true love may be found at a Golden Globe-nominated film screening or…at a Golden Globe-nominated film screening. Because who doesn’t feel all warm inside after staring at Mickey Rourke in wrestling tights? There was also this strange shout out to Super Size Me filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. But we digress…

After the jump, the Cultural Missed Connections that warmed our bitter hearts the most.

Ms. Gran Torino – m4w – 34 (Upper East Side) I met you this past Saturday in Midtown while watching the movie “Gran Torino.” You thought I was somebody else and I casually went along with the conversation. Your name is Jodi and mine is Jordan. After the movie, you put your number in my Blackberry, but the number wasn’t saved. If you are reading this, shoot me an e mail with your phone number and we can pick up from where we left off. Hope to hear from you…Jordan.

Brunette at Asia Society Monday night – m4w At the City of Paper dance performance, you were wearing a black (I think?) pea coat and a silver sweater–we made eye contact right when I walked in but didn’t get the chance to talk to you.

If you see this and remember me, let’s talk!

The second movie we saw was Revolutionary Road – w4m And you promised me that my thirties would not be like that.

Thank you.

That actually was important to me. I liked the way you said it… and I appreciate it. Thank you.

Misfits Gloves on the F train from Brooklyn – m4w (F Train) There I was, minding my business riding the lovely F train to work this morning, when you walked in… You were beautiful. I tried not to stare, I’m truly not a rude person, but my eyes were immediately drawn towards you…

I know this is a long shot, but it’s worth a chance – it also makes me feel like i’m making an attempt, since I said nothing on the train…

I was the guy in the black pants/shoes and giant North Face jacket – lol… If you see this, I would love to take you out for a coffee, maybe a muffin or two and hopefully find out where you got those bad ass gloves!! lol…


The Wrestler -m4w Sat next to each other…Sunday afternoon…you really got into the movie, and were reacting to every bit of drama and comedy. I think you’re my kind of girl

Lets watch a movie together