Generation X’s Most Beloved Body Swap Movies


When we read that Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds had been cast in a new film, The Change Up, wherein two best friends switch bodies, we thought, “Really? Another identity swap movie?” But then we read that the screenplay is by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore — the duo who wrote The Hangover — and immediately changed our tune. We also began mentally cataloging the body swap films we grew up watching in preparation for a movie marathon this rainy weekend. Check out our roundup after the jump.

1. Freaky Friday (1976)

2. All of Me (1984)

3. Summer Switch (1984)

4. Like Father Like Son (1987)

5. 18 Again! (1988)

6. Vice Versa (1988)

7. Big (1988)

8. Dream a Little Dream (1989)

What was your favorite swap film? Let us know in comments.