Pic of the Day: Parallel World


New York-based designer Ji Lee is the creative director of branding and marketing at Google. His “Parallel Word” project — just one of the interesting things that we came across on his personal site — recreates entire rooms in miniature on the ceiling. We’ll let him explain the rationale:

“People fill the floor of their homes with furniture and walls with paintings and pictures. So why are the ceilings left empty? Decorating ceilings was a celebrated art form in the past centuries that somehow got lost through the reductionism of modernism. People don’t look at the ceiling anymore. It’s a dead space. So I wanted to bring a small wink to this space. I also liked the idea that somehow there’s a parallel world which coexists with ours.”

Check out the results after the jump.

But play this first. You know you were already singing it in your head.

Ji Lee's home


Living room with a curious collection of what it seems to giant hairy balls; Richard Lombard


Googling; Google Office, New York


R2D2 meets Rhino; Google Office, New York


[via The Morning News]